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Dr. C. R. Chenthamarakshan

Thesis Title: Pyrrole-Derived Oligo and Polysquaraines: Synthesis, Optical Properties and Conductivity Studies.

Date of submission: May 1997 (University of Kerala).

Current Position: Research Scientist, CorsiTech, Corsicana, TX, USA.

E-mail: chenthamara[at]hotmail.com


Dr. Raju Francis

Thesis Title: Xanthate-Derived Photosensitive Monomeric Initiators: Synthesis, Characterization and Polymerization Studies.

Date of submission: May 1998 (University of Kerala).

Current Position: Associate Professor, School of Chemical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

E-mail: rajufrancis[at]yahoo.com


Dr. Joby Eldo

Thesis Title: Synthesis and Studies of Low Band Gap Squaraines Polymers and Their Model Compounds Derived from Pyrrole End–Capped Conjugated Monomers.

Date of submission: November 2001 (University of Kerala).

Current Position: Senior Scientist, Sigma-Aldrich Fine chemicals Hitech (SAFC Hitech), Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA.

E-mail: jobyeldo[at]gmail.com


Dr. E. Arunkumar

Thesis Title:Design, Synthesis and Studies of Novel Cation Sensors: Bichromophoric Squaraine Foldamers and Their Monochromophoric Analogues.

Date of submission: January 2004 (University of Kerala).

Current Position: Senior Scientist, Beckman Coulter, Miami, FL, USA.

E-mail: earun[at]rediffmail.com, earun100[at]gmail.com


Dr. Subi Jacob George

Thesis Title: Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) Derived Organogels: A Novel Class of Functional Supramolecular Materials.

Date of submission: October 2004 (Cochin University of Science and Technology).

Current Position: Faculty Fellow, New Chemistry Unit, JNCASR, Bangalore, India.

E-mail: george[at]jncasr.ac.in

Web Page: http://www.jncasr.ac.in/george


Ms. Priya Carol

Thesis Title: Synthesis and Studies of pi–Extended Squaraines and Cation Probes Derived from Conjugated Bispyrroles

Date of submission: December 2009 (University of Kerala)

Current Position: Scientist, VSSC, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

E-mail: riya155[at]yahoo.co.in


Dr. V. K. Praveen

Thesis Title: Oligo (p-phenylenevinylene) Derived pi-Gels: Modulation of Optical Properties and Application as Excitation Energy Donor Scaffolds.

Date of submission: April 2007 (University of Kerala).

Current Position: European Union Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow, Istituto per la Sintesi Organica e la Fotoreattività del CNR (ISOF-CNR), Bologna, Italy.

E-mail: vkpraveen[at]gmail.com, praveen.karthikeyan[at]isof.cnr.it

Web Page: http://www.isof.cnr.it/?q=content/vakayil-karthikeyan-praveen


Dr. Reji Varghese

Thesis Title: Self-assembly of Linear-Conjugated Molecules: p-Phenylenevinylene Versus p-Phenyleneethynylene.

Date of submission: June 2007 (University of Kerala).

Current Position: Assistant Professor, IISER, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

E-mail: rejivk[at]rediffmail.com

Web Page: http://www.iisertvm.ac.in/scientists/reji-varghese/personal-information.html


Dr. C. Vijayakumar

Thesis Title: Design, Synthesis and Self-Assembly of a Few Oligo (p-phenylenevinylene) Derivatives: Control of Chromophore Assemblies and Optical Properties of pi–Organogels.

Date of submission: September 2007 (University of Kerala).

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

E-mail: cvijayakumar1[at]gmail.com


Dr. P. Chithra

Thesis Title: Squaraine Based Molecular Probes.

Current Position: Research Scientist, General Electric India Technology Centre, Bangalore, India.

E-mail: chithramohan[at]gmail.com


Dr. S. Santhosh Babu

Thesis Title : Control on Optical and Morphological Properties of Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) Self-Assemblies.

Date of submission : September 2009 (University of Kerala)

Current Position : Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dep. Of Chemistry, University of Namur, Belgium

E-mail : santhoshsbabu[at]yahoo.co.in, santhoshsbabu[at]gmail.com


Dr. S. Mahesh

Thesis Title : Controlled Self-Assembly of p-Phenyleneethynylene Derivatives to Diverse Supramolecular Architecture

Date of submission: January 2010 (Cochin University of Science and Technology)

Current Position: DST-INSPIRE Fellow,IIST, vallyamala,Trivandrum,Kerala, India

E-mail: maheshmgu[at]rediffmail.com, maheshvyloppilly[at]gmail.com


Dr. S. Sreejith

TThesis Title : Design, Synthesis and Study of a Few Donor-Acceptor-Donor (D-A-D) Molecules as Molecular Probes and Logic Gates.

Date of submission: March 2010 (University of Kerala)

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry and Biological Chemistry Division Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

E-mail: sreejith.siva[at]gmail.com


Dr. S. Srinivasan

Thesis Title :Self-Assembled Functional Hybrid Materials: Design of Stable Organogels, Superhydrophobic Coatings and Fluorescent Imaging Materials

Date of submission: June 2010 (University of Kerala)

Current Position:Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA

E-mail: vasan_iitm[at]yahoo.com, Srini[at]northwestern.edu

Web Page: http://stoddart.northwestern.edu/Index.php?View=Members/Profile.php&ID=147


Dr. S. Prasanth Kumar

Thesis Title :Conducting Organogelators: Design, Synthesis and Self-assembly of Oligo(thienylenevinylene) Derived Molecular Wires.

Date of submission: January 2012 (University of Kerala)

Current Position:Postdoctoral Research Fellow, RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Wako, Saitama, Japan

E-mail: spkven[at]gmail.com, seelampk[at]gmail.com


Dr. Divya K. P

Thesis Title : Donor-Acceptor-Donor (D-A-D) Type Small Molecules and Oligomers: Photophysical Properties, Analyte Responses and Conformational Changes.

Current Position:Post doctoral fellow, Department of Chemistry, Georgetown University, 37th and O Streets NW, Washington, DC 20057-1227

E-mail: kpdivya[at]rediffmail.com


Dr. Anesh Gopal

Thesis Title : Design, Synthesis and Study of p-Phenyleneethynylene Based Linear p-Conjugated Organogelators

Current Position:Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Division of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan)

E-mail: anesh[at]chem.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp